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Pia Mollback-Verbic: Danish goodwill in India

Pia Mollback-Verbic: Danish goodwill in India

September 9, 2019

Join us as we explore navigating the Indian market and the essence of qualitative research with Managing Director of Quipper Research and Board Member of Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassadors, Pia Mollback-Verbic.

Episode Takeaways

  • What it means to be a Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador in India [02:26]

  • Important elements to be aware of when starting to do business in India [5:30]

  • Navigating a traditionally class-based society [06:50]

  • Quipper Research [09:00]

  • Similarities and differences between doing business in India and Denmark? [10:40]

  • Entering the Indian circle of trust [13:05]

  • Pia’s personal journey and the beginning of Quipper Research [18:20]

  • Qualitative research and best practices [26:10]

  • The pace of change in attitudes and values across generations [29:27]

  • Qualitative research vs. quantitative research [31:47]

  • Scaling research findings [36:30]

  • Habits and rituals to stay sharp [38:52]

  • Meaningful event for growth and challenging personality trait [39:30]

  • Major motivators and something weird [41:42]

  • Dinner party invites and best advice [44:29]

  • Teachers, mentors, and book recommendations [47:38]

  • Lessons to and from Denmark, and closing comments [50:51]

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Helen Russell - What should we make of Denmark and happiness?

Helen Russell - What should we make of Denmark and happiness?

March 26, 2019

What should we make of Denmark and happiness?

The latest episode of The Global Denmark Podcast is live, where cohosts Ed Ley and Thomas Mullhern sit down with bestselling author and happiness expert, Helen Russell.

Helen is a journalist, speaker, and author of “Leap year”, “Gone Viking”, “Atlas of Happiness” and the international bestseller “The Year of Living Danishly”.

In the wide-ranging conversation, we explore what it means to live danishly, how Helen defined happiness before and after coming to Denmark, societal and individual happiness, the benefits of a growth mindset, keys to successful communication, and incorporation of happiness approaches from around the world. 


Episode Takeaways

  • What it means to live Danishly [01:53]

  • Danish values and exploring happiness [04:55]

  • The downside of the label, “happiness” [13:19]

  • Building a new network to integrate [16:07]

  • Living in Vejle [21:28]

  • Vikings [23:41]

  • Keys to successful communication [27:00]

  • When Denmark became home [29:06]

  • Habits and routines to optimize health and performance [30:54]

  • Challenging traits and happiness habits [31:54]

  • Something weird and dinner party invites [34:57]

  • Mentors, teachers, and books [36:56]

  • Lessons to Denmark and closing comments [38:07]

Global Denmark Podcast
Episode 12

Episode 12

April 28, 2017

Dear Postcast listeners, it's Friday and you know what's up. The 12th episode of the CPH Postcast is out and ready to accompany you to or from your landing place.

As per tradition, your relentless hosts, Tia Hoka and Ray Weaver bring you up to speed regarding the latest news from The Copenhagen Post and various spring-related events around town.

In the second half, Ray truly sparks up the 'Suprise Segment' with some daft and funny questions in an attempt to find out just what kind of trolleyed Tia can get... off-air.

It's a promise: laughs included!


All that you hear about in our show you can read more of @ cphpost.dk

excerpts from The Wedding Planner (2001) / music: bensound.com / take our test here: queendom.com

Episode 11

Episode 11

April 21, 2017

Easter's over and we're back, Postcast listeners. The 11th episode of the CPH Postcast is hereby baked and ready for munching.

As per the usual setup, your hosts, Tia Hoka and Ray Weaver start with the latest news from The Copenhagen Post and then aim to spark your cultural appetite with an overview of future events in town.

Our 'How Is This A Thing?!' segment is also back - with new icing - so Tia will try to use some kitchen pantry staples to.... improve Ray's looks. Sounds zany? It is!

And you know it - laughs included!


All that you hear about in our show you can read more of @ cphpost.dk

excerpts from: The Trip (2010) / Monty Python's Life of Brian (1979) & Monty Python - Four Yorkshiremen (1974) music: bensound.com

Episode 10

Episode 10

April 6, 2017

Dear Postcast listeners, since Easter's virtually hopping around the corner (pun intended) the tenth edition of the CPH Postcast had to be tailored to the sentiment of this upcoming celebration.

As per the usual format, hosts Tia Hoka and Ray Weaver launch the show with current news from The Copenhagen Post inclusive of everything from Passover to president Trump possibly speaking Danish.

Be sure to stick around for our 'How Is This A Thing?!' segment, in which we will try to make sense of some peculiar Easter traditions from around the globe.

And we promise: laughs included!

Special thanks to our CPH Post editor, Ben Hamilton, and producer Noah Rosanes. music: bensound.com
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